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At the end of a loved one’s life,
how would you like to remember them?

Would you like to have an event that shows humor and love? A celebration of life that shows what they did to enrich your life and others?  Have you ever asked your loved one how they’d like to be remembered at their wake?

We can help create that special event that captures your loved one’s personality and life spirit.  Sure many people want the formal funeral, but many people would much rather have the fun, causal festive environment for their friends and family to hold as their last memory.  We can help make your last party the one that lasts a lifetime.

I am a professional meeting planner with 30 plus years of experience who can help you plan a celebration of life ceremony. There are many ways to focus on the special aspects of a loved one’s life, so why not share those memories with the people who mattered most to them?

  • For that person who loved the outdoors, a remembrance in a park full of trees, or on a woody hillside.
  • How about that person who loved to fish? Can’t you just see everyone in fishing gear standing by a stream or lake laughing about all the times they fished and all the tales which might be told?
  • How about the sports fan? We could create a little stadium and show their passion for whatever team they loved. Everyone could be decked out in their loved one’s team colors.
  • For the artistic person who loved to sew and craft, we could create a special area for people to bring their projects and work on them while enjoying stories of your loved one.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to working with you,

Carolyn Wence
Plans & Action